Friday, July 26, 2013

Brunch It: Battistella's

Wiki and I went to brunch here earlier this summer and we had a great experience. It is located in the City Market area of downtown. I loved the shabby chic french decor. The bar is dimly lit, small and cozy but once you walk into the dining area, you are greeted by wall to wall windows. We were lucky enough to visit on a sunshine filled day.

Here is what the website has to say about Battistellas's.

"An authentic new addition to the Triangle dining scene, our specialty is distinctive South Louisiana food, but our expertise includes original dishes to satisfy every taste! Without a doubt, food in New Orleans is another great example of how multi-culturism can make something new and better when people work together. Here, you will find upscale regional dishes from across the South".

We went a little later, towards 2, and it was moderately busy, but no waiting was involved as they were starting to clear out. We began our brunch with an order of one of my favorite southern staples; fried green tomatoes. So good! I also ordered a cocktail. I was happy to note that they had a Hemingway Daiquiri on the menu as I had just learned to make one on my trip to NYC at the Institute of Culinary Education. It was just as refreshing as I remember.

  It was then time to get down to business & I ordered the quail. They served it with this sauce that was spicy, but incredibly flavorful. I am not sure I would order it again though...I am a growing girl and need more meat than that;) 

Wiki ordered a shrimp and sausage plate {and I believe it was served with grits} and was really pleased with his choice. He is usally carb free during the week and he felt this meal was more than worth the cheat day.

We also liked that the head chef came out to check on our progress and to see if we were enjoying our meal. I always appreciate that gesture. As someone that really enjoys cooking, I like to see when a chef is proud of what he prepared and wants to ensure that you love your meal. 

I would definitely recommend heading here for a brunch experience if you are ever in Raleigh.

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