Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OTT: Richmond- Tazza Kitchen

For my foodies in Richmond, I have a new place for you guys to check out; Tazza Kitchen. We were in Richmond for my sissy in law's birthday and while the eats in Downtown Richmond are a plenty, we ventured out towards Short Pump for dinner the second night. They only opened last Wednesday and we left quite impressed. 

I loved the ambiance but not as much as I loved their white pizza. Oh. my. word. People. 

Prosciutto pizza with arugula.
 a perfectly made mojito
and as a {self proclaimed} bourbonista I am more than pleased to say the my Manhattan was pretty much close to perfect. As you already know I normally prefer my bourbon neat, but this way(if done correctly) can please my palate nicely.

I definitely recommend hitting this spot up. You can tell the owners are proud of the product they are putting out and since we had absolutely nothing left on our plates, I can say they have a pretty good reason to be pleased. If only I hadn't forgotten to take pictures of our small plates;)

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