Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sparkling Bourbon Cranberry Cider

Bourbon is the perfect drink for this time of year. Actually, let's not kid ourselves...bourbon is the perfect companion no matter the time of year. But, I will say it does warm you up a little more with these frigid temps. and by frigid I mean how it was only 57' in Raleigh today. 

We leave for Boston tomorrow where the high is supposed to be in the 20's and it is supposed to be 74' here on Saturday. Please excuse me while I go cry for a few minutes. I am trying to prepare, but this may be where my trusty bourbon comes in. A few sips here, a few sips there. No one will be any the wiser.

But if you want to enjoy your bourbon in a classier way than the brown bag, this is the perfect option for your next gathering! It is really light and refreshing and if you are not a big whiskey drinker, this is a good way to ease yourself in!

1 cup cran apple juice
1 cup apple cider
1/4 cup bourbon
1 bottle champagne
1/2 fresh cranberries
1 cinnamon stick(optional)

In a container, mix together all ingredients except the champagne and cranberries. I used one of my favorite bourbons, Evan Williams Apple Orchard. It is bourbon infused with cinnamon and a few other flavors. It is seasonal, so if you cannot find it, just add in the cinnamon stick when you combine your liquids. I would let the flavors marry for about an hour before you move onto the next step. and if you want to forgo the cinnamon, it is just as have my word. 

Chill your mixed juice and then once you are ready to serve, drop a few cranberries in a your champagne glass and then fill  about 1/2 way full and top with your champagne. 

You could easily make these by the pitcher and you could use any cranberry juice you like. Cran raspberry may be good or even pear.

I have a feeling we may be ringing 2014 in with this tasty concoction! 

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  1. So you are making me this right?! It should be a high of 52 here on Monday! ;)

  2. I saw this and was hoping you were linking up!!! Yay!! So awesome!