Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Chic Fil A Grilled Sandwich

If you know me at all, then you probably know about my affinity for Chic Fil A. I eat there entirely too much and I usually enjoy nuggets and a large split tea. About once a month I allow myself to indulge in a meal with the sandwich and fries. I always get the whole grain bun and contrary to popular belief, I find the sandwich perfectly fine...sans pickles. Gasp. I know.

When my husband first visited me when we were dating 12 years ago, one of the things mentioned was how he had never eaten at a Chic Fil A (as they don't really have them in the north east) I was horrified and rectified this rather immediately. The only differential between the two of us has been that he usually leans toward the grilled sandwich and I scoff in the face of not getting the original. But I digress...

I had been seeing signs at our local Chic Fil A for the new grilled chicken and never thought too much of it until a friend from home, Carrie, invited me to the location she handles marketing at to try out their new marinade and sandwich. Now, who am I to turn that down? Not a dummy, that is for sure and therefore this Monday I headed in to give it a whirl.

The first thing I noticed was the new boxes that the sandwiches are served in. And then, the guest of the hour was before me and I took in the new set up, seeing right away the difference in presentation in the previous sandwich and the new version. This one, before I even took my first bite, seemed more aesthetically pleasing. It is also now served on a multi grain bun. 

It is wrapped in a half wrapper because the marinade is so juicy and you take note that the tomatoes and lettuce are on the bottom of the bun instead of the top. This leaves you free and clear to add any sauce that you may choose to accompany your sandwich, My go to is usually the buffalo. However, they encouraged us to use the honey roasted bbq sauce.

I chose to forgo the sauce at first, just so I could taste the new marinade by itself. It boasts flavors full of lemon, red pepper, garlic and sea salt. It is cooked on a propriety grill and is available on the sandwich, nuggets, salad and a few of the wraps. THey worked on this new marinade and grill for over 7 years and going through over 1200 marinade combinations before settling on this one. 

I will admit to never buying one of their grilled items before, but I had tasted my husband's a time or two and I was usually left feeling...underwhelmed and always solidified in my choice to order the original. 

Now, I am now going to sit here and tell you that all of the sudden I have gone healthy and plan to order the grilled chicken sandwich all the time...but I will tell you that this sandwich was tasty enough that I do plan on ordering it at least a few times a month to forgo the extra calories in the original sandwich, I am just relieved that it no longer means giving up something delicious to be healthy. The sandwich has just 340 calories and the nuggets have 160!

These new grilled items become permanent on the menu April 14th! Head over to the Wards Road location and tell them Maddie sent you!

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  1. Why, why must you tempt me. They aren't around here! We must stop in when I visit!