Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Favorite Summer Treats

This is the first time that I am actually linking up from this blog for confessions. I usually do every week from my other blog, The Whimsy One, but there aren't too many things to ramble on about in the food department, Figured I would give it a whirl this week. If you didn't know I even have a second blog, welcome and see that lovely bloglovin button, feel free to follow this one as well;)

I love corn on the cob, maybe one of my favorite foods. I love the crisp first bite, the juicy bits of corn as they snap. I love it dripping in butter and loaded with salt. I recently tried it with a compound butter of maple syrup, chili powder and a little cream cheese. So good! The only thing I do not love about corn is picking and shucking it. I grew up on a farm and that was always my job in the summer. Also, how do you guys eat your corn on the cob? Like a typewriter or in circles? I think I mic them both up!

Ice Box Cakes are my second favorite. I love making a bunch of different ones. I made this mudslide one last year and my two other favorites are the strawberry cheesecake and banana caramel one. I recently made an orange cream version and will actually have the recipe tomorrow.  So, you know, if you start following me, you'll see it. 

Berrymisu is one of my favorite summer treats! I love this twist on the classic tiramisu and using fresh berries and Cointreau/chambord to dip the lady fingers in. So good. I cannot get enough mascrapone! I also sometimes like to make it with homemade biscotti's instead of the lady fingers. Another great twist. 

Popsicles, oh, how I loved them growing up and I love to make them even more now, especially using fresh ingredients. And the best part, making grown up versions. As I type I have a new version, cranberry, lemonade, green tea and rum. So good. Well, actually I have only had a sip, not the frozen version...but I have faith! 

Cherry limeade. From Sonic and usually between 3-6 because they are happy hour half price and I ain't no fool! and sometimes, I order 2, one with ice to have now and one with out ice for later. and later usually means I am adding vodka. Hello, cherry limeade martini. and they are, of course, completed with a bourbon soaked cherry, because not to reiterate or anything, (except to completely reiterate) but my momma didn't raise no fool. Although, I will say the only thing that would be better than sonic is a slush puppy. Oh my gosh, Sonic only wishes they could try. Yum, half grape/half cherry. When we were in Quebec City, they were everywhere. basically every meal was a crepe and a slush puppy.

Pizza on the grill. So good! It gets the bottom nice and done and so crispy and the top is perfectly melted. One of my favorite things to grill out. My favorite pizza is one I made last year. Olive oil as a base, prosciutto and pancetta with goat cheese. and a bourbon apricot glaze. So good!

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  1. pizza on the grill?1 how amazing, never thought of it. that oreo thing looks amazing and needs to get in my belly.

  2. Pizza on the grill is something I am thinking about trying this weekend.. as long as it's nice out!
    Mmmmmmmmmmm Sounds So GOOD!

    Also: Icebox cakes = Super Easy and Super Tasty... so total DUH why not make A BAZILLION of them!

    Found you through the blog hop! Come check me out too!!!

  3. I think we're food soulmate's lol! ALL of my favorites! Yuumm!! ;) XO


  4. I have never made ice box cake but it is so good. Creamsicle one?! Look forward to that one, make it for me!! ;) Pizza on the grill is a goal for me this summer. Never had it before.

  5. Pizza on the grill?! Now that is a great idea!

  6. Corn on the cob is one of my faves too! I love it grilled with lots of butter and salt.