Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Big Apple Bites

Every few years my husband sends me to NYC for culinary classes. This year it was at the famed International Culinary Center. After going back and forth for months over which class I was going to take, I chose french pastries and the class was held the last weekend of July. 

The city is one of my absolute favorite places and I think I probably know it better than Raleigh. There is nothing better to me than being able to go and really have no set plans (minus the obvious reason I came, but that was only for 6 hours out of 5 days;) and just being able to wander and find spots to stop in when the urge hit me. 

This trip I stayed with one of my good friends, Allie at her apartment in the East Village. It was really fun to experience the city though her eyes this time because just four years ago I played tour guide for her and took her all around on her first trip to the city. We did no touristy things because she lives there and I have done them all ten fold. So we basically ate our way through the city and these were my favorite goodies from the weekend. 

 an amazing cinnamon sugar donut from Dough. Oh my gosh! So tasty!
A pork taco from Los Tacos in Chelsea Market. 
These came! That's right, these are what I made in my class. it was such a cool experience and I can't wait to try my hand at making them on my own here at home!

 No questions asked...other than Italy, best pasta I have ever had. And I am still not over the shock that it cost 26 bucks for this, a pitcher of sangria and a fried eggplant appetizer. Hello, EV. I heart you. This was at San Marzano. I will be back!
Fried Cheese curds in buffalo sauce. Look at that view! Smorgasbord festival was beyond what I imagined!
 Yummy taco! It was one of the better tacos I have ever had! I want one now.
 This was some fried macaroni and tomato sauce concotion. It was ok, not my favorite, but other people were falling over themselves for it so I think it was just me. hahaha
 This place was such a good find and let me tell you about their truffle macaroni...Yum!
 I had to have Korean Fried Chicken as it is one of my favorite things. I found this cool spot in Koreatown called Turntable and I had to climb the darkest, seediest staircase I have ever been on to get upstairs. It was really cool. I thought it was good but quite honestly...the one in Raleigh is still the best I have been to in the country;)
 Happy hour and a rooftop bar are bacically the quickerst way to my heart. I really liked this small pub in midtown. When we are back next month for a wedding, I discovered this place is about 2 blocks from our hotel. 

 My last stop in the city was to meet up with a friend to have drinks and chat, she chose this place near her office. I got to play Ms Pac-Man so basically my life was complete. 

There was also the best bagel of my life (with birthday cake cream cheese) macaron ice cream sandwich, and a bar that specialized in pretzels...all not shown because I was too busy stuffing my face to snap good pictures. 

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  1. I cant even handle all the food photos - i'm drooling now! Those cheese curds - NEED!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. NYC is definitely the perfect city to eat your way through! Drooling at all the yummy things especially the pasta!

  3. There is not one item pictured here that I would not happily gobble up! And, I am one impressed lady by your culinary skills!!!

  4. Such an awesome city to eat your way through, I'm officially hungry after looking at these pics :)

  5. ok one of the BEST things to do in ny is eat! i can attest to that! ugh i love nyc - and you lost me after i saw that pasta. off to find food bc that made me hungry! ha

  6. Oh boy everything looks amazing!! What a fun experience and so nice you got to spend time with your friend.

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