Friday, August 30, 2013

New England Eats

While we were travelling last week, we got to partake in quite a few tasty meals. If you are in the area, you need to check them out! I wanted to share the five that stood out to us the most. Prepare for lots of seafood. I know you are completely shocked.

~1~ Mount Washington Hotel 
This hotel is beyond breathtaking and one of my favorite places in the world. The views are spectacular. 
Take the operated elevator downstairs to the basement, travel all the tunnels. One of the best spots is their speakeasy, The Cave. During prohibition they served the whiskey in tea cups.

For our lunch, Wiki devoured his lobster mac and cheese and then we shared the butterscotch bread pudding and red velvet cake cheesecake. Pricey and worth every cent.

~2~ Dockside Grille in Wolfeboro

I finally made it to Lake Winnepesaukee. We stopped in the quaint town of Wolfeboro. 
My fried clam strips were some of the best I have ever eaten!

~3~ The Lobster Shack {Cape Elizabeth, Maine}
We stopped to see the Lighthouse and Wiki spotted this lobster shack and of course...he got one. and we were treated to the most gorgeous moon over the shore line.

~4~ Scarborough Coffee Grounds {Scarborough, Maine}
This coffee cake muffin was warm from the oven and wins the award for best one I have ever scarfed down like I had never eaten before  had the privilege to taste. and oh yea, they made me a pumpkin caramel mocha. Yesssss.

~5~ The Lobster Dock{Boothbay Harbor, Maine}
We were fortunate enough to drive into Boothbay and spend the afternoon walking around this charming town. There were so many neat shops to walk around in. We found this spot on the other side of the harbor. Wiki got a scallop roll and I got the kids meal: Haddock Nuggets. Oh. My. Heavens! It was awesome!
and I know I am supposed to be throwing out 5 things about my week that were just my favorites, but...I am nothing if not a rebel. And so guess what...Here is my sixth favorite.

~6~ Flo's {Portsmouth, R.I.}
We were in Portsmouth visiting his aunt and Wiki stopped by Flo's to pick up some of their famous clam cakes. Uh...yes to the please.

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  1. This post is making me hungry!! =)
    I have always wanted to try lobster mac and cheese! It looks so yummy! So glad that you linked up with Friday Favorites! I love co-hosting and so excited to meet some new bloggers! You can check out my blog and follow along here:

  2. I am from New England and i don't eat seafood?! What?! I know! That Scarborough Grounds place looks amazing though. Need to check it out!