Friday, March 14, 2014

Weathervane @ A Southern Season

Earlier this week on my other blog, I mentioned that we had stopped by a Southern Season in Chapel Hill this weekend. While there, we grabbed a quick afternoon bite at their restaurant, Weathervane. Having had terrible weather here lately, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day we were graced with and eat on their patio. 

As many times that we have been to a SS, we had never eaten at the restaurant before. I like the set up of their patio. It is huge! I am pretty sure they must host events there as the back had an open setting and a bar area. The patio was split into tables under a pergola on one side and the other side was "cubbies" built into the wall with benches under an umbrella. We chose to sit in one of these and soak up the sunshine. 

The menu looked great and we started off our meal with beverages and I went with sparkling wine and he grabbed a beer. They have lots of local beers on tap! Our first menu item we tried was the deviled eggs. You should know they topped the eggs with bacon. Also known as my lifeline. 

Then we ordered and I got the soup and he grabbed a salad. His salad was huge and so colorful. I don't even eat salad and it made me hungry! My soup was really good. The only gripe I had was that the soup of the day was coined "creamy tomato" and when I got it, the server who put it in front of me called it "tomato basil" soup and if you know know my feelings towards basil. and the fact that I actually finished this soup and enjoyed it (in spite of that pesky herb) tells you how good it was. It was packed full of flavor. 

Then for dessert we went with the butterscotch pot de creme. Oh my word, people. So amazing! And at first glance, we thought it was topped with homemade ice cream. But no, it was actually homemade whip cream complete with vanilla bean! Yum. Pretty much perfect, the only thing that I could possibly say is that certain bites tasted a tiny bit salty. Which I know salt is often used to cut the sweetness, but a few bites were off. However, I would get this dessert again, no questions asked! 

Afterwards we headed into the store to check out what new items they may have on hand. I could spend hours upon hours in this place. There is something for everyone. Coffee, wine, chocolate, cook books, a plethora of cooking supplies and bar items and they now have an ice cream parlor. As if I needed another reason to visit! 

We frequently buy from their catalog. Whether it be Christmas presents, graduation gifts or baskets for new parents, you can find it at Southern Season! Here is the link to their online store and if you are in the triangle, head over to Chapel Hill and check them out. They have also recently opened a Charleston location and are soon coming to one of my other favorite cities, Richmond!

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  1. Butterscotch is my favorite. Love being able to sit out on a patio.