Friday, October 3, 2014

Get Shucker Punched

I actually did at one point this week;) Shuckers is predominantly a seafood restaurant that, to put it mildly, also does their cocktails rather well. And most recently my favorite one is the Shucker punch. And it's pink. I mean...yes, please. C'mon, I can't drink straight bourbon alllll the time!

But I digress as there is so much more to this place. The original was a literal stones throw away from us and a few years ago they moved more into Wake Forest. The location is nice and roomy and they have a fantastic patio. Everyone knows how I feel about my al fresco dining. All year long. 

And, the even better news is that they just opened a new location in downtown on Glenwood. Perfect place to start off your night. They have a huge bar and I am already trying to think of a reason to celebrate so we can have use of their private dining room. 

My husband loves their oysters, which I believe you can order in half a dozen or a full dozen. Or there are the moments he goes for The Big SOB. And it's as filling as the name implies.

 Although, if I had to stage a bet, it would be that his favorite menu item is the bacon wrapped scallops. We all know my thoughts on bacon, I think it is safe to say I think every meal should include it. And my pesky allergy to certain shellfish leaves me salivating at the table as he orders it. But if he couldn't order foods based on my allergies, the man would never eat;)

I try to change up my dish when we visit and I usually wind back up in the same place...salmon. They just do it so well there. I often times order the Jack Daniels salmon but more so get the plain grilled salmon and choose one of their signature sauces. I have tendencies to lean towards the pineapple salsa.  And each time I order the roasted red potatoes, so good. I just got hungry again. 

For dessert I think they have multiple items, I really do, I am not sure because I have been hypnotized by the bread pudding and my mind has only a one way track when it comes to the dessert. One of the best I have ever had. 

And if you are not the biggest seafood fan or if, like me, you have certain allergies...never fear, they offer so much more than just seafood. Wraps, sandwiches and I really enjoy their ribs.  So much more, just check out their menu on line!

If you are Gluten Free, they also offer a menu with a plethora of options, We had friends visiting from Boston a few years ago and ended up eating at Shuckers. He has a severe case of celiac and is always cautious of eating out and they took great care of him. 

However, let's not kid ourselves...their hushpuppies. I think they really should just change the name to crack puppies because I cannot stop. More than once I have gone and eaten way too many of those pops of perfection and then...had to box my meal to go. I wish I was sorry. I am not.

If you have a chance, I definitely recommend heading to either location! This will also be up on the Raleigh Revealed section of my other blog, The Whimsy One. 

This is my Friday Favorite of the week. What's yours?

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  1. Those hush puppies look amazing. I'm not a seafood person so glad they have good options.