Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tuscany, Pretola Inn

While we stayed in Tuscany, we were able to stay at the Inn that my husband's family owns and what an experience it was. This inn offers the most spectacular views and the food. I could go on about the food for days.

We were able to stay in the upstairs in a quaint room with a nice sized bathroom and a queen bed. It was exactly what you think of when you conjure up images of a stay in Tuscany. There is so much history here, as the building was originally a farmhouse built in the 1600's in the medieval village of Gragnola.

The location is an easy drive to Pisa, Cinque Terra, La Spezia and Parma. You are able to gaze upon the Apuane Alps while taking a dip in the pool. You are close to castles and also the small village of Gassano. Which happens to be where our family is from and so many still reside.

On our first day at the Inn, we were celebrating the 80th birthday of my husband's great uncle and the food came and came and came. and somehow, each new dish brought about a new explosion of flavors.

We stayed up late in to the night drinking wine and the men enjoyed some Tuscan cigars. As I sat there, I was almost in dismay that I was actually experiencing this particular moment. It was as if it was a dream.

And each morning, Roberto created us a breakfast that you would be pleased to experience just once, much less five days in a row. Fresh toasted bread with homemade butter. Honey and jams. Cappuccinos. and my favorite part of each morning, omelettes with pancetta. And the pancetta is from their very own hogs!

Our last night there, we had another amazing meal with the most succulent dishes. The meats and cheeses seemed to never stop. Fresh pasta made that afternoon and a homemade chicken soup with cheese raviolis. Best soup I ever thought of having.

And the night ended with an amazing tiramisu.

If you are ever looking for a spot that is both relaxing and will tempt your taste buds, I fully recommend Agriturismo Pretola.

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  1. Just stop! Not fair, why didn't you take me with you!!!!! ;) All the food sounds so good and fresh!