Friday, February 14, 2014

Bourbon Snow Cream

So, I had seen snow cream floating all around social media these past few months and especially these past few days and the only god thing about getting this snow, was the chance to finally make one. Living here for almost 9 years and other than one time, this was our first "real snow" Meaning there was almost 5 inches of accumulation and it was fluffy at first before the ice came to visit.

Once I saw the recipes, i knew I had to try and of course, bourbon had to join in on the fun. Almost all of the recipes I saw called for milk and I wanted to add in even more flavor, so I used a sugar free coffee creamer we had on hand in lieu of milk. So my recipe will be just a bit off of the norm. Feel free to use milk if you don't want to use creamer. And then, the second time we made it, we used the remainder of our bourbon eggnog, who says it is just for the holidays? 

Both recipes below!

4 cups snow
1 cup bourbon eggnog

for bourbon caramel 
4 cups snow
3/4 cup caramel coffee creamer
1/4 cup bourbon

Mix together until you have the consistency you desire. I made mine a little more liquidy so I could enjoy in a glass with a straw.