Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beer Queso

I may really, really love me some queso. and guess what, my favorite is hands down tostitos. Not the whole velveeta and rotel version. I am sorry. I just feel that Tostitos kinda has the whole deal down on lock and so really, why should you mess with a good thing. Well...until you decide to add beer.

Quite a few times I have made a recipe similar to this and I would just use tostitos and pour into this dish. and believe me when I say that you can absolutely still do that, but I must say...I really enjoyed this version. Way too much.

1 lb ground beef(or turkey)
1 pkge taco seasoning(or your own homemade version)
4 oz beer
6 oz cream cheese
4 oz salsa
4 oz shredded cheese(Mexican blend is what I used)

brown the meat and drain, add in the taco seasoning and the beer. Stir together and heat on low until it begins to bubble. Add in the cream cheese and stir for a few minutes till the flavors are melted together and then add in the salsa. You can use any flavor you like. Spicy or mild. We actually used green salsa yesterday. and then add in shredded cheese, stirring to combine.

Serve immediately with tortilla chips.

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  1. Girl you had me at Queso!! My absolute favorite dip EVER!!

  2. This just made it to the top of my grocery list! Definitely making it for Sunday Night Football this weekend!!!! YUM... just YUM!

  3. I was sold at queso (because who doesn't love queso?!), but when you added beer, ground beef and taco seasoning to the list, I'm practically already out the door on the way to the grocery store. I will be making this asap! So glad you linked up with us!