Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dole Rita

I suppose I could go for a stretch and reference this drink as a cocktail...and obviously I am going to. I was visiting my mom for the weekend, and I got the classy ladies drink of choice: Lime A Rita And once I got back to my mom's I noticed that she had some juice in the fridge and thought I would try and see what it tasted like.

What it tasted like was delicious. Yes, something can taste like and be delicious simultaneously. 

Now, for the easiest drink you could ever throw together. And you will be so chic while sipping it. And by chic I mean not at all, but who gets caught up in pesky details.

I suppose this is where I give you directions as to how to make this...
Pour a small amount of the juice in the bottom of the glass and top with the Lime A Rita. It is basically a redneck mimosa. Now that I think about it, let's pretend that is the name of this lovely beverage. 


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  1. I didn't think the Lime A Rita could get better, but yeah that sound amazing!!