Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Caramel Affogato

This is one of those simple drinks that makes me feel like a genius. And trust me, make this for yourself and you will understand what I am tooting my horn loudly over here about. Or really, you will probably only feel that way after you add the bourbon...but still. Besides, this is perfect without the bourbon and as a simple dessert/after dinner drink

One of my husband's favorite drinks to order is an affogato. This normally consists of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped with espresso(sometimes coffee) The espresso melts the gelato and it melds into this yummy thick concoction. I do not drink coffee, but this got me the first time I tried some of his. 

And so it got me to thinking- how could I play around with this recipe that was just fine without any tampering...and I came up with a version that is perfect in this fall weather. Even if it has still been in the 90's this past week in North Carolina. October means pumpkins. No.Matter,What.
Caramel gelato
pumpkin coffee
1 tbsp bourbon(optional)

Place the gelato in a glass and pour the hot, brewed coffee over the gelato. It will start to melt down into a glass of pure yummy, this is where you can make it better and add a little bourbon. You will not be sorry. This I promise you.

And thanks to my bestie for taking some photographs of my pictures this weekend and for giving me lots of tips. If you want an amazing instagram to follow, check out Shining Brightly Photography


  1. Ummmm....yum!! We even have some Evan Williams left over from the wedding!! I can always count on you to link up! love it!

  2. Sounds delish! I'm hosting a State Art giveaway that you should enter!

  3. I don't get the whole pumpkin craze, but this does sound really good with the Bourbon of course!