Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cran-Apple Mimosa

Looking for a drink that feels like fall and is missing the pumpkin taste? Well, I have the perfect cocktail for you this week. It is so yummy that you will almost feel like you cheated it is so simple to make! I made this a few times and you can create a few different versions. 

The first and most simple version simply involves 2 oz cran apple juice, 1 oz apple cider and topped with your favorite champagne or sparkling wine. I actually used a sparkling moscato in this recipe. Normally I am not the biggest fan of moscato but the tartness from the cider matched evenly with the sweetness to bring about a big glass of delicious.

The second version was just me playing around with my favorite friend, you all know him as Mister Bourbon. I just know him as Yes, Please. I have been using him so so abundantly in recipes lately that I honestly cannot remember which one I used in this particular version. Was it Makers? Maybe it was Buffalo Trace. I know it wasn't mister Williams due to the fact that I ran out of Evan while making this recipe. Hmmmm, maybe it was Forester. I don't know people, I do not discriminate. But I do play favorites. That is for another post. One that has already been written. You should have read it...

So I have a PSA for you guys...use your favorite! I cannot make it for you, but just do your taste buds a favor and use some in this drink. It was a good choice. As if adding alcoholic corn could ever be seen as a bad decision. Please.

So if you go with this version the recipe changes only ever so slightly. 1 1/2 oz cran apple, 1 oz apple cider , 1 oz bourbon and a dry sparkling wine. Add a straw and let the good times roll.

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  1. Ok just so you know I love Moscato!! I know not very sophisticated but I still love it! So this is so my kinda drink!

  2. OOOO...looks yummy!! I love cran apple juice so I can only imagine! Thanks for linking up!!

  3. Hahahaha "Yes, Please." That's what I call him too my friend.

  4. That sounds wonderful.. Thanks for sharing and linking up!